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>>/b/173 scdefvrbgthynjuki
>>/b/171 >>170 >doggy only Good Choice
>>/b/170 >>169 Would but doggy only
>>/b/169 >>167 This one ???
>>/b/168 >>166 Only so much you can really do if you aren't going to grant actual terrain/life altering powers, which I guess wasn't in
>>/b/167 >>32 >>33 would >>162 wouldn't
>>/b/166 >>164 >he added elements were fine tbh I didn't. City building/ managing armies shouldn't be the main focus of a gof game. Grant
>>/b/165 >>32 >>33 slam tight, piggy
>>/b/164 >>163 I thought the added elements were fine tbh, it was what they nixed from it that killed it. No other gods, creature AI hop
>>/b/163 >>161 Molyneux is more of a scam artist than a game dev tbh. I found the sequel disappointing, I felt they turned the game into


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