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Anonymous 12/08/2020 (Tue) 05:16:18 No. 182
Hello admin?
>i posted cunny pls respond
well if youre ever around, dont be shy. we come in peace.
>>194 >when life gives you lemons
>>182 Soooo...Is this the board ?
>>209 its a cozy bunker i guess. until we find out what the owner is like.
>>210 well we know he's the silent type.
>>211 or busy running other sites or whatever, and this is a backburner project. then there is that other possibility but so far no grounds to suspect it.
>>212 I think he's done with Lynxchan but you never know.
(359.08 KB 800x600 komodo_dragon_warpzone_transp.png)
(121.80 KB 800x600 komodo_dragon_warpzone_catch.png)
>>213 this one is more "fleshed out" than pootch ever managed to get it. no hint of his presence or involvement.
(156.74 KB 750x1333 MA (38).jpg)
it seems to be the owner of frchan.bet
>>219 i dont know or care. just give me liberty or give me death. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=582ok7OV618
>>182 Don't think he will be showing up anytime soon. Questionable threads like >>40 from august are still up.
(94.66 KB 1080x810 Ferrying.jpg)
Might be time to set up a beachhead.
(335.02 KB 992x661 1606353031-0.jpg)
>>238 wake up bchan the cavalry has arrived
Only a matter of time before 9chan's banned every image possible.
Though this one might not last too long if it's actually been abandoned.
>>241 there was a mod action on the 7th. someone is at least keeping a loose eye on it.
Interesting that the board log links are removed from the CSS. https://bchan.net/logs.js?boardUri=b
>>243 never saw that thread even though it was right before this one
(372.29 KB 500x463 onuoju67tb1tqsknoo1_500.png)
oh well, tired of meta. lets carry on business as usual until they show to be censorious kikes or smooth operators.
>unironically named jannie indicates a sense of humor at least
>>246 It does. Looks to be the only account too. Hi jannie.
>>247 if there was a problem this thread would have been gone. only thing im worried about (for them) is the wrath of patch. no one is using his sites, hes bored and angry and cant stand anyone enjoying themselves elsewhere. but i done told them in another thread.
>>248 >no one is using his sites, hes bored and angry He sure is. That pinned thread at least indicates they're using cloudflare. But he's pretty well versed in lynx and its flaws.
>>249 he never does anything fancy, pays for ddos and manually spams cp/has a herdsman do it for him.
>>250 he only has the illusion/delusion hes a l337 computer legend
(575.01 KB 234x418 1606601857-0.webm)
>free at last?
>that callan dox thread oh wow some gremlin sure is seething
(434.54 KB 1000x667 000065101.JPG)
>>266 happened after i found microchan and made him moo, went to bed nice and bubbly while he seethed into the next day
(137.47 KB 221x454 1605679640173.png)
>>267 >resorts to personal army request
i bet if he was super rich id have a hitman knocking on the door lol
(196.31 KB 992x661 1606353958-0.jpg)
(93.01 KB 640x698 1605368799-0.jpg)
>>270 those edits were precious, what a funny night wish id saved the rest of them and they still got bandeleted!
(162.29 KB 658x1053 1605678736-0.jpg)
>>240 Should use your persuasion to bring aj and "Yip Yip" guy here. Guess DIE4ISRAEL can come too because why the fuck not, he'll go where the action is anyway.
>>271 absolute no-fun zone. the worst thing is the excessive hashbanning.
>>273 i was on the "front line" with aj and others making josh go nuts. this image here proved to be particularly slippery to the algorithm, must have been banned a couple hundred times. but eventually so much got banned that now images even vaguely resembling one in the database trigger "server error." its ridiculous.
>>274 whats more inexplicable is the people who took it over from him - knowing exactly why he had failed - still maintain his policy, and cant be arsed to explain why.
im gonna do it. im gonna do the online equivalent of saying the n word.
(1.98 MB 384x252 YEGzQt7.gif)
>>274 I tried to post a 1931 song. That seems to have been banned on the title " little girl " alone.
(1.38 MB 960x540 1606594015-0.webm)
>>276 >le litmus test
>>279 bet you cant even do that without breaking your wrists and busting your face. what a fit girl
(1.48 MB 1896x790 1564086966.png)
>>265 only if you believe
>>283 >suck my dicks lul'd, creator of that meme knows his snake anatomy
>>193 is she objectively the most beautiful person to ever exist?
(3.61 MB 640x800 1607151479-0.mp4)
>>286 rhetorical question btw
>>272 Snaggletooth's already been here >>214 so it's on his radar, I'll drop a word to AJ when/if I see him today.
hello! where is warp zone!?!?
>>309 you found it
>>311 I want Anna Pavaga to piss in my mouth.
>>424 same
Captcha per post should go and tor posting should be allowed as well. Ill assume these are default settings that need to be updated now that you have users.
(190.90 KB 1080x1080 1606347997.jpg)
hell show up any minute now to address this
(103.77 KB 765x484 1606079344.jpg)
(16.29 KB 300x240 LkgpGnX.jpg)
(1.71 MB 480x360 pls.mp4)
>Curb Your Enthusiasm theme 10 hours loop
(101.12 KB 721x900 46.jpg)
(340.60 KB 1152x1536 47.jpg)
(124.02 KB 810x1080 48.jpg)
>>521 that 2nd one, love at first sight. >ywn move her hair aside with your fingers and kiss her
>>521 >>543 Noice
>>631 >she knows why thats so erotic that teasing tart
(3.45 MB 640x360 Gondola_IRL.webm)
>>631 I've seen this cryptid before tbh.
looks like some pics went missing
moer cunny
>image removals but no bans, and few post deletions all in all this guy doesn't seem too bad though, aside from that one big thread deletion a while back if having to watch the site is the reason you'd rather just have it as this unused sandbox, people might be willing to help out tbh
(82.45 KB 494x358 1607576591-0.jpg)
>>652 i done gave him an email volunteering
(261.95 KB 1080x1920 1607468681-0.jpg)
>>652 though its sad that we should have to settle even for that
>>653 weird, "about" page is updated from last I looked when it just said "post on /b/" but still no address. >>654 prob the best we're going to be able to get in the absence of somebody having the resources/etc to make a true bastion. thought there might be another for a minute, but that didn't work out. hoping they come to their senses.
>>655 >thought there might be another *option
>>655 i did it through a global report, said id delete whatever is illegal
>>657 ah, I did the same after reading the "about".
(228.82 KB 1600x1167 252789078.jpg)
>>658 whatever, its cozy enough. doesnt have the tension of 9chan, nor the circus fire of patch chans. not ideal, but not a nightmare either. beggars cant be choosers etc
i think the owner is a brazilian bull, theyre ok with lolis and with free speech - but to an extent. he didnt much care for AJ and toddlers.
>Permaban for CP and deep shit illegal content. Social Security Numbers, shooting threats, and that kind of stuff. Even if the ban is ineffective, having it in the logs shows that we're doing due diligence in following the law. >No lewding 3D children period. Not to any degree, not in any context. Not even in text if there is an accompanying image of a child, whether the image itself is lewd to any degree or not. No Candydoll. No hyper realistic or highly detailed 3D CGI or artificial images that are based on real CP. No links to any site that encourages or allows the above. When it doubt on CGI ask yourself if it would have been allowed on old 8chan, or you can use my personal rule: "If you have to look close and squint at the thumbnail to tell if CP or not, delete it." We do not have a "pedos GTFO" rule because of their right to free speech, but we've stopped 1 millimeter short of it for the sake of the law concerning what they can post. this is what the other place wanted me to enforce, that I said no to. I would've gone with the "no candydoll" tbh, that one I expected, but the rest is too much.
(88.18 KB 853x1280 Bxbd.jpg)
(77.50 KB 853x1280 Waggs.jpg)
(503.36 KB 2000x3000 Bbxjdgh.jpg)
(389.01 KB 1068x1608 princess-023.jpg)
(642.64 KB 1216x1156 1389479694076.jpg)
most of that deleted stuff was pretty tame
still better than 9chan I guess
Kohlchan is just fine tbh
Bitch ass mod
>>677 absolutely, but it's still nice to have more options
>>678 post sexy ultra feets
(127.66 KB 1080x1080 58.jpg)
(45.35 KB 643x449 59.jpg)
(83.75 KB 849x848 60.jpg)
100% Legal.
>>682 why is trampoline cunny cropped
(210.24 KB 1147x1720 1607829636-1.jpg)
stop deleting legal images retard
(242.69 KB 1440x900 deyuu.jpg)
Welcome back, bchan!
(156.33 KB 1068x1608 1608178079-4.jpg)
what happened?
Well hello again
>>692 Site owner probably didn't want to bother policing the site during Christmas,
(287.45 KB 956x1440 lsn-025-001.jpg)
(301.18 KB 956x1440 lsn-025-108.jpg)
>jailbait forum it is definitely jailbait

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